Great Food in Oregon

The sweetest event of the year, the annual Baker’s Market, is here again and I’m getting ready to sell on the next 3 Saturdays – November 24, December 1 and 8.

But before I get super busy over the next couple of days, I wanted to post some pictures of some great food that I had recently during the Remembrance Day long weekend.  Aside from the 80-minute wait at the border going to the States, getting stuck behind slow drivers hogging the left lane and the rainy weather, it was a nice little getaway to Oregon for some tax-free shopping!  Aside from a few clothes and shoes, I actually spent most of my time shopping at supermarkets.  Yup – starting in Oregon and continuing up the I-5 through Washington state, we made several stops on the way back to buy groceries!  Sounds crazy to be coming back with flour, sugar, raisins…but how can you not when things are SO much cheaper down there?!

On the way to the outlets in Woodburn, we stopped for dinner at Karam Lebanese & Syrian Cuisine in Portland, where I ordered the Meat Mezza.  For just $14, I got a generous meal consisting of several dishes – chicken and lamb shawarma (I substituted lamb shawarma for kafta kebab), falafel, rice and meat stuffed grape leaves, tabouleh, baba ghanoush and hummus.  We also tried Baleela, a tasty warm hummus made of whole chick peas mixed in a tahini, olive oil, cumin and garlic sauce.


The next evening in Woodburn, we went to Luis’s Taqueria.  This place lived up to all the wonderful reviews.  We knew it was going to be an authentic experience when we walked in, heard the music, and realized we were practically the only non-Mexicans there.  We felt like we were in Mexico…and the food was amazing!  So good that even Obama once stopped by for lunch.  We stuffed ourselves with chicken tamales, tacos al pastor (with marinated pork), ceviche tostadas and a chicken fajita combination plate with rice, beans and tortillas.  Mmm…



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