about me

Most people who know me know that my life revolves around food – buying it, cooking it, eating it, photographing it.  I was exposed to many different kinds of food from a young age, and I learned not to be a fussy eater.  If anything, I was always more than eager to try new foods.

My passion for cooking also started early on.  I would help out and learn from my mother, who’s a terrific cook.  It wasn’t long before I started jotting down and collecting recipes.  I devoured (no pun intended) every cookbook I could lay my hands on, and the Food Network soon became one of my favourite channels. Watching the celebrity chefs on TV deepened my interest in cooking.  Over the years, I’ve also enjoyed experimenting with unique flavour combinations and coming up with new recipes.  I always jump at the chance to cook and bake for family and friends.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing my creations with others, and seeing their faces light up when they take those first bites.

I’m equally passionate about travelling.  Travel is in my blood.  For as long as I can remember, everyone in my extended family was always jetting off somewhere (I still have a huge collection of postcards that my grandparents sent, over the years, from the countless countries that they visited).  I was born in Malaysia, and before I could even talk, I was on a plane to London.  Eventually, it was back to Malaysia, and then on to Canada.  I’ve also lived in a couple of other countries, and explored many more.  Travel has not only given me opportunities to enjoy and appreciate a wide variety of cuisines, but it’s also been a source of inspiration for many of the dishes that I make.  For me, food and travel go hand in hand.

I created this blog to document my culinary exploits, and also, as a way to organize my recipes.  In particular, I wanted to compile and share recipes of Malaysian food, which many people, especially here in North America, still aren’t very familiar with.  Malaysian food is a reflection of the country’s history of migration and its geography at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes.  It’s truly a melting pot of cuisines, blending Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese and British influences.  It’s no wonder the food is so amazing (okay, I may be just a tad bit biased)!  Having said that, I didn’t want this blog to be just about Malaysian food, because there’s so much more that I love!  So what you’ll find here is an eclectic collection of recipes of some of my favourite foods from around the world.  You’ll also find posts about places that I’ve travelled to, with a focus on…food, of course!

I’d love to receive any feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment.  For more food photos and videos, follow me on Instagram.  You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

All photos and content on this site are my own, unless otherwise stated.  If you are using or sharing any images/material, please attribute them to me.

Thanks for stopping by!


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